Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our City

Today was unexpectedly used by God...

We all went to the park to exercise, and before leaving a lady was shouting in Spanish if anyone wanted free bread. Out of curiosity I headed over there. She told me she gets tons of bread through her church. I told her I was also part of a local church too. She wanted my information because she'd like to give us her excess breads so we can give out to the homeless community or use it as a church. She gave me a huge bag with about 15 various breads. PJ, the kids, and I headed to a bridge where there are a handful of homeless people. We tried to get them to come out to us from their squatter homes, but it seemed like no one was there. Before heading back home, we saw a man sleeping near the bridge, I asked him if he wanted some bread and he kindly said yes! We began talking to him and he said he'd just gotten a job down the street and would love to treat us at his restaurant. Before leaving we'd asked him if he needed anything and he said he needed a room to rent for $400-$450 and if we can help him look for a place. We were excited and said we'd meet up with him tomorrow. I started looking on Craigslist for a place and a few have poped up. Lord willing we can help get him into a place. We'll hopefully be seeing him tomorrow but we decided we don't want him to treat us but we just want to continue building a relationship with him. God is working in our hearts and using CrossView to reach our city people, little, by little.

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