Sunday, May 31, 2009

Valentine Treats '08

For Valentine's I made hubby and kids a special treat. For Rock and Key, I made felt cupcakes and cookies. I had gotten the idea from a baby boutique we visited earlier during our transition phase of moving. I wanted to buy Rock the felt food but they didn't have what PJ, and I wanted. Soon after I made their Valentine treats, I noticed them every where, apparently felt cupcakes were a hot item.

They were easy and fun to make! They worked fine for the kids but not for me...I needed a little sweet treat...actually, I always do :(


  1. cute! handmade play stuff is the best!

  2. I never knew you were so crafty how did you do the sprinkles? And how do you mommies of two keep up two blogs when I have the hardest time keeping up one?


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