Sunday, May 31, 2009

Valentine Treats '08

For Valentine's I made hubby and kids a special treat. For Rock and Key, I made felt cupcakes and cookies. I had gotten the idea from a baby boutique we visited earlier during our transition phase of moving. I wanted to buy Rock the felt food but they didn't have what PJ, and I wanted. Soon after I made their Valentine treats, I noticed them every where, apparently felt cupcakes were a hot item.

They were easy and fun to make! They worked fine for the kids but not for me...I needed a little sweet treat...actually, I always do :(

Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Take these broken wings and learn to fly..."

My Favorite Beatles' song is Black Bird, and I love Sarah McLachlan's rendition. I was excited to make this little bird skirt for Key. The bird wasn't black (now I wish it were because of the song!), but this song came to mind when I began this entry. Total digression! Sorry... anyways, I attempted a different stitch on the little jean bird, and I think it came out okay... mess ups here and there, but nothing drastic :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Reality of a Covenant Community

In a covenant community (my local, confessing evangelical church), many things are apparent
A few are...
1. What brings us all together is what Christ has done for each of us, and the whole community.
2. It's Christ who keeps us together.
3. It's Christ who rebukes and helps the body stay near him, and uses the church to do this.
4. We strive to "live life" together.
5. Unfortunately we all still sin, either towards God, each other, or both.
6. Hurt feelings can muster up towards one another, but Christ's cross needs to stay in focus, grace proceed.

A covenant community is very imperfect but Christ said in our weakness he is made strong. There is a song (I forgot the name) that I like, I changed some words

In our weakness we are strong, so amazing our redeemer,
who picked us up, purified, cleansed and made us new,
because all you want, is all of us, and all we want is you...

Monday, May 25, 2009

I Call It A Semi-Pettiskirt (but it's not)

I made this skirt a while back, and I thought ruffles at the bottom could give the illusion of a petticoat underneath. It really doesn't look like there is, since it's on a crawling baby, but I thought it could look like it, if you--- squint your eyes, turn head, and tilt head back...voila, a pettiskirt : P

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Christmas 08 Dress

I decided for Key's first Christmas (in 2008), I'd make her a special dress. I wanted it to be classy, simple, and colors that were soft rather than the traditional, prominent colors of Christmas. This was the first dress I attempted to make, and there were lots of mess ups, but it prepared me for the future dresses I'd conjured up in my mind. Remember "practice, makes perfect"-- I'm no where near the latter.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Favorite Glass

I started saving my spaghetti sauce jars and using specific ones for drinking, and others as craft jars. They are great, simple, and BEST of all Eco-friendly! Try it :)I've been called a tree-huger before, but I think I'm starting to see it...I did buy an eco-friendly diaper bag.

TooToo for you!

Presenting TooToo Sweet...
I made this tutu six months ago. I wish to put it on my etsy shop, but I'm a little hesitant. We'll see :)

Tutu's are so fun and girly!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Halloween 08 Costumes

PJ and I had talked about making Rock, Peter Pan since he was a baby. Last Halloween I decided to make my own Halloween costumes. We had seen a Peter Pan costume in Disneyland that we were actually going to buy, but it was way too expensive, so I just told PJ I'll try making their costumes. So I tried, and it worked out!

I made Rock's hat, shirt, shoe covers, belt, sword holster, and the sword itself.

For Key's costume I decided to make her Tinkerbell. I didn't follow any contemporary design for hers because I was already starting to make tutu's so I decided to make her a green tutu.

I made Key's green onesie, green tutu, and wings.

For my first time making them complete outfits, I thought it turned out okay.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Each of our lives is centered on something.
What's at the center of yours?
Think about it for a moment. What's really the main thing in your life? Only one thing can truly be first in priority; so what's at the top of your list, second to none?
Or let me put it this way: What are you most passionate about? What do you love to talk about? What do you think about most when your mind is free?
Or try this: What is it that defines you? Is it your career? A relationship? Maybe it's your family, or ministry. It could be some cause or movement, or some political affiliation. Or perhaps your main thing is a hobby or a talent you have, or even your house and possessions...
what really qualifies as the one thing God says should be the most important?
Maybe your life's passion is not so much a single focus as a constantly shifting gaze. After all, today's marketing culture bombards us with never-ending offers of something as common inside the church as outside...what's the one thing that's really best according to God?

Introduction to "Living the Cross Centered Life" by C.J. Mahaney

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


What defines you?

I've taken on the endeavor of sewing, and it's been kinda fun. I started this a little over a year ago. I was exposed to sewing from my big sister Brenda. She use to create beautiful dresses for niece Samantha when she was a toddler, and she even started to sell them. She occasionally still sews. As a teenager, I thought that was so cool, and hoped one day to do something like that. Years later, watching friends (Selle, Ruby) take on this task was exhilarating, because I was reminded of that desire a time ago, and watching these two get down on their sewing machine was fun! When I saw them I wanted to start up, but didn't really have a motivation until Key Hava came into existence in my belly. All these emotions, and ideas starting churning in my brain, and I had no outlet, I was a wreck. All I could do is keep telling my sister Jenny "I want to create this...and this...and this too!" I knew I had to at least try this darn sewing thing. With Rock, sewing was just a forethought, I felt like I didn't, and couldn't create stuff for him (that's changed a little now), because he's a boy, and making boy stuff is hard.

Fast forward months latter...when we got to DC, I knew I had to crack open my little piggy bank that I had been saving for my little machine of wonders. I was so nervous, and excited to buy it. I would just look at it online for months (I'm weird like that). Well, it came and I played with it, and bought other accessories for it, I was having fun. I just hadn't sewn anything. I started to see that I could buy these little accessories all day long, and not create anything! I knew I had to start something. I searched and figured I'd copy a hooter-hider. I looked online and found a tutorial. After finishing it, I was proud to show PJ that the money was going to good use :) I later called Ruby and asked for help on making a skirt for my soon-to-be Pan Dulce.

I was reluctant to show my friends (online) of my little creations, because of pride. I didn't want to be compared, be seen as competing (in my head there's no competition, others are just way more talented), or other silly things that plagued my mind, BUT I started dwelling on the question, what defines me?

I don't want sewing to define me. And I don't want endeavors into creativity to define me. For others the temptation could be: money, prestige, a good job, success in your little business, creativity, relevance to today's culture, marriage, love, or any particular dream. What should define me? I WANT Christ to define me, and to define you too. I want people to see Christ far more than I want people to give complements of what I strive to create. Yes, there's a place for honor, and wanting to encourage people, which is fine, but it's up to the receiver, to not let anything other than Christ define them. It MUST be Christ that defines me.

So what prompted me to share now (not that there's anything to "show off")? It's to encourage. I believe, if God has given you an opportunity to stay home with your children, then new endeavors, and challenges should be explored, and tested to see if it's up your alley. This is an encouragement to mommies to test it out and see if you like it. Let God use you in different ways, for different reasons. Maybe your new endeavor (whatever form that can be) can open opportunities with friends, family, strangers! It's already been useful for me in respect with wanting to stay home, and save money here and there.

Perhaps for some, it's not sewing, but some other thing that has caught your eye, but you feel like you can't...I say, try it!
The hooter-hider that is always in use.Key's first skirt.