Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thrifty Finds-Turned to Skirt

In Seattle I was fortunate enough to grab some fabric goodies.  I got some adorable cowboy/cowgirl fabric for $1.
and turned the fabric into a fun ruffle waisted skirt!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Veggie Tales

Getting kids to eat there vegetables can be a trying task.  Our first crack at it was with Rock when he began to eat.  As a baby he liked the smashed vegetables, and we stayed away from the smashed fruit for awhile, we wanted to train his palate to veggies first.  As he grew, it began to change, he strived to stay away from the vegetables, but we did not give up and at times made him.  I know this differs with many parents approach but we were adamant not to let Rock get his way.  Now, he eats veggies, not all but he has his favorites (broccoli, asparagus, snap peas, corn & carrots).  Key, on the other hand, was a swell child when it came to vegetables.  She also has favorites but it wasn't as challenging with her.  I'm SO thankful these kiddos can grab a handful of snaps peas and eat em right up with no problem.  We just kept at it and didn't give up, of course it is extremely helpful when they see mommy and daddy eat them up to....Well, more mommy then daddy :)  We do give in to little treats, especially since mommy has a cupcake addiction, and daddy a chocolate chip cookie one, BUT veggies are cherished, bring much praises/cheers, eaten daily, and talked about often.
"Even princesses need lots of energy and strength!"

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

School Still Incession

Since our plan is still to home school, Rock has been prepping and doing well.  He has school work, and has a weekly schedule we try to keep (sticking to it is a little tough considering we have a little one now).  We are excited to start and frankly I'm a bit nervous but speaking to the ladies in Seattle put me at ease, since many were going the classical route, which is our plan.
Rock is a darling student and I hope to minister to him and grow his understanding of the world around him in light of Christ.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Seattle-Day 4

Our last day here and again one last stop here at Pike's Place.  We were eager to get home to our other two little babies.

On the venue: the Fremont Market
Making babies smile...
and great finds but not enough space!
 It was swell while it lasted, and hope to come again. We were so thankful to God for this time spent together, Lovely's accomplishment, and the great people we met.  Much LOVE for Seattle. 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Excited to start our 3rd day exploring, and crossing off our "to do" list, we started with the monumental Space Needle.
Breathtaking views!
One more quick stop at Pike's Place.  Seriously, I could have been here all day but we had to move on.
Another try of Seattle's cupcakes .  Yellow Leaf was pretty good.
PJ had the red velvet and I had the chocolate vanilla--verdict
7 out of 10, I thought better than Cupcake Royale.
Next up, Kerry Park with another spectacular view, but this time with the Space Needle in the skyline.
After we headed over to Fremont which boldly holds the controversial Lenin statue taken from the Soviet Union.
Then, another interesting trek to the Fremont Troll.
Ending the night with a nice sushi dinner near Washington State University.  A delightful day.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seattle-Day 2

Seattle is just too lovely.  Armed with our list of "to do's" we painted the town red.  First up, the much talked about Pike's Market Place...
Our eatery stop at, Michou, a fine pasta, sandwich shop.  
Absolutely yumlicious!
Next on list...
the acclaimed Russian pastry spot- Piroshky Piroshky
Another yum!
Next... of course the Starbucks that started it all...
Then, a little tiny shopping :)
She was great, we love her so and glad she was our tourist partner.
Next up... awesome Thrifty Finds!
Lovely excited to see Atari game console.
Had to stop to refuel at Hi-Life, a unique spot because of its building being an old fire station...wish I could live in it!
And last on our list for the night, "Seattle's Best Cupcake" Cupcake Royale
The verdict--- 
their "Red Velvet," a 5 out of 10!  Very disappointing.  They got NOTHING on Sprinkles!
To end the night (yes, it's this bright out at 9:45PM!) a beautiful drive up to see the sun set with the generous Mr. & Mrs. Robertsons (the couple PJ was staying with for a weekend each month).  A productive, wonderful, non- exhausting day.  We were thankful to God for this vacation, he is much too kind.