Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seattle-Day 2

Seattle is just too lovely.  Armed with our list of "to do's" we painted the town red.  First up, the much talked about Pike's Market Place...
Our eatery stop at, Michou, a fine pasta, sandwich shop.  
Absolutely yumlicious!
Next on list...
the acclaimed Russian pastry spot- Piroshky Piroshky
Another yum!
Next... of course the Starbucks that started it all...
Then, a little tiny shopping :)
She was great, we love her so and glad she was our tourist partner.
Next up... awesome Thrifty Finds!
Lovely excited to see Atari game console.
Had to stop to refuel at Hi-Life, a unique spot because of its building being an old fire station...wish I could live in it!
And last on our list for the night, "Seattle's Best Cupcake" Cupcake Royale
The verdict--- 
their "Red Velvet," a 5 out of 10!  Very disappointing.  They got NOTHING on Sprinkles!
To end the night (yes, it's this bright out at 9:45PM!) a beautiful drive up to see the sun set with the generous Mr. & Mrs. Robertsons (the couple PJ was staying with for a weekend each month).  A productive, wonderful, non- exhausting day.  We were thankful to God for this vacation, he is much too kind.

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