Saturday, June 12, 2010

Grad Nite

My first day in the wonderful land of Seattle, I was smitten by the geography.  I would love to live here! But my lovely hubby said no :(

With no time a'wasting, for lunch, before Lovely's graduation...

we headed over to the much talked about hoggie spot, Tat's.  We both enjoyed our hoggies, very yummy.
Then mingling before the ceremony at MarsHill Church in downtown.
Story congratulating her abba
and encouraging him to press on.

After, we were charmed with a dinner cruise around Seattle with all of the graduates and their wives.
Story taking some attention with her much talked about hair do :)
Gawking views of the city.
Making friends and celebrating our husbands accomplishments.
With all their goofing off, you'd think, "what did they accomplish???"
A swell night.  Meeting some of the wives was a definite highlight.  Some amazing, encouraging ladies.  God was too kind.

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  1. Hi Frances, so sorry I took so long to write back to you. Thank you so much for writing to me via my blog - so lovely to hear from you! Thanks for dropping by my blog, and I definitely envy you for being able to watch the finals of americal idol LIVE - watching it on tv was exciting enough, can just imagine what you went through seeing it live.
    Take care Frances and hope to hear from you again. :)


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