Monday, August 24, 2009

Pea-pod Family

On Saturday we wanted to enjoy the kids while they enjoyed a nice carousel ride. After a bit of planning, we had an announcement tell the kids.

It all started one day, when...
daddy met mommy. They loved each other so.
Then daddy married mommy, and took her into his pea-pod.
Soon after, a cute little pea named Rock, joined in on the fun, and oh, how much we loved him!
Two years later, a wonderful, dainty little girl pea, named Key, came into our lives, and stole our hearts.
And now, we have a NEW baby pea who has entered the pea-pod! Say hello, to the new sweet pea baby.

It was a great day in the pea-pod family :) I wonder if we'll have a boy or a girl??!!!

On a side note: Second time I missed Unique LA, at least, this time I went, but I was too late :( Maybe next time, hopefully it can be a two day thingy like the other, so I don't have to go on a Sunday. But I shall rejoice :)


  1. i guess lots of veggies are growing as lots of family are expecting! congratulations again!!! i knew it all along.

    haha... about unique. we should have told you we were going there. we went right after church and were there for a good hour. it was so hot though! you will get plenty of chances as they have another this holiday.


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