Monday, August 3, 2009

Thrifty Finds

Thrift stores are grand! I love them because you never know what you'll find. In high school, and college, I loved this particular one. It literally was down the street from my work & school (at the time), and they had nifty finds every time I went. Til this day, they still don't disappoint. As the saying goes-- one person's junk is another persons treasure. I found this cute little piece, at one of my endeavors a few months ago. This find was from a Chino, CA Goodwill store.
I hope to share, all my little treasures.

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  1. cool deal! i have that in white with a bit wider bottom. i bought it long ago when i was in high school, okay my mom bought it, from a vintage shop. i am sure you paid a better deal! i use it to hold all my hair clips!!!


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