Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Super Hero Theme

This year my sister and I decided to do a super hero theme for our family.  PJ and I were not gonna participate because he had previously committed to something but last minute we decided to join in the festivities!  Glad we did, it would of been weird not to.
Super Rock! (shirt and cape done by his auntie Heather)
Super Key!
Abba Kent and Super Baby!
Super Woman!
(I recycled this old costume, I cheated :)

After fighting crime in Los Angles we headed over to the party to socialize.  What do you expect?  Fighting crime gets boring after awhile :)
We didn't expect any "Bad Guys" there, but where there is good, evil is right there... Holding you???

Super Dad and Super Mom!

Super Kenedy 
who would call herself Super Rock.  She's so cute.
"The Bad Guy & The Bad Girl"
Wolverine and His Wife or Kid...No one knows.
The kids even won trophies at our Rec Center for "Most Unique"
Back to fighting crime again.

Hope you had a splendid Halloween!

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