Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Let Man Not Separate...

November 12th marked the day that my friend became one with her God given gift.  It was a beautiful day, a beautiful wedding and she was a beautiful bride!  The Lord was kind in giving Jed to Crystal and Crystal to Jed.  Here is their wedding story...

 A treasured moment to witness.  PJ and I love attending weddings because it reminds us of all the preparation put into a unknown life together and the reality of marriage.  Marriage is SUCH a blessing WITH loads of sanctification :)

Congrats Jed & Crystal !!!


  1. Absolutely love your intro. God is to be praised for this wonderful couple. Great job on the pictures and compositions. Can't wait to tag team with you for future photo shoots.

  2. thank you frances!! for this blog. I praise God for you and PJ thank you for praying along side me all these years. Also your pictures are sooo beautiful, I am going to blow and a develop some or stick in my soon to be project on shutterfly or heritage makers. So happy you and PJ were able to make it out. Love you both


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