Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sit Down and Relax

When I ventured into pillows, I got addicted and made three back-to-back. They were so fun to make, and really did a number on our sofa. Super easy to make, and it cost way cheaper then buying from your favorite retailer.
I tried a Martha Stewart technique. It didn't turn out so well, I think because of the thin fabric I used for the white one. Better luck next time.

I got these fabrics from JoAnn's in their custom order section, they were display fabrics, they kind you have to order, but this JoAnn was going out of business so they were selling their fabric squares samples (I think I paid less .99 for each, but these were expensive fabrics). The squares measured approximately 20x20 inches, but worked well for making sofa, or even bedroom pillows. I tried purchasing at another JoAnn's, but she said they don't allow :( Perhaps if there's a going out of business JoAnn's near you, you can purchase their samples and make cute pillows!

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