Tuesday, September 14, 2010


An unexpected find on one of my treasure hunts.  This pretty lady (she remind me of "Gone With the Wind") was only 0.95!  What a steal.  
I'd love to hold a giveaway one day (for the two who read my blog :) with a thrifty find that I don't need but love.  That would be so fun.


  1. Um BTW when you come here I have an entire street lined with vintage stores to take you to!!! (I hope Alisa likes vintage stores :) )

  2. I am sure more than two people read your lovely blog. Have a giveaway. I will enter and I will mention it on my blog. (Because I have ten readers)!
    I love the Pea Pod Family! I may have to made them.
    xxooxo+o, Camille

  3. I have to remind myself that I write my blog to be accountable for and record my days. If people read it cool. If not I have a wonderful record of things I love and days with my children.


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