Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Over Spilled Milk

I feel so grumpy.  I feel like I would cry over spilled milk (my baby Key does).  God is really showing me my heart as of late, and its been through this nasty heat (I don't like summer or heat).  He has been showing me that I value comfort too much, and if I don't have it, I have a "mad heart" (I use these terms with my kiddies and I totally feel the hypocrisy).  I tell Rock to pray for me because of my "mad heart" towards God.  It's SO ironic how I was SO excited for fall and then a couple of days later we get a heat wave.  I feel my sinfulness and lean on the cross and remember Christ died for yucky Frances who wants to be queen and in control of everything, even the weather.  Thank you Lord for saving me from being a traitor to God and keeping me in God's love because of Christ, and not by ANYTHING I could ever do BUT what he did on the cross-- died in place of repentant sinners, who confess him as Lord over their lives... Amazing!

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