Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Upcycled Top

Can't remember when I bought this tube top from Forever21, but  I know it was a long time ago.  For some reason I never parted with it.  Now I am grateful I didn't!  I imagined my little Key running around in the sun wearing, a yellow dress, smiling at me :)  So... off I went, measuring and cutting here and there (but not much), and attaching cute, braided straps.  I originally saw braided fabric from my friends darling necklaces.
Still looks a little plain, but not sure if I'll add.  Perhaps a brooch or some flower???

1 comment:

  1. Such a lovely lovely dress and i love that happy color! :) I too can imagined your little Key running around in this lovely dress. :) I think it looks good {Maybe i really like simple plain dresses}, but adding some fabric flowers will be nice and make sure not to add any small items or buttons on it. :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!



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