Thursday, February 4, 2010

Marriage Is Funny

Marriage is funny.  

I found my little Key very quiet on my bed, playing with lotion.  I've known she loves playing with lotion, but upon closer inspection this time, she was literally trying to shower in it!  Although she did smell very nice :)  As I was crafting away she was quietly playing.  When I finished my elephant project I was not satisfied with it, and actually disappointed of how it came out.  Perhaps I didn't plan well for it, but whether I did or not, it came out icky.  I wanted to make Key a cute elephant. We got inspired after visiting the zoo several times.  

Anyways, the reason I said marriage is funny is because usually we all have this view of marriage, the happily ever after kind, and sometimes in marriage if we're honest, it's not happily ever after all the time.  Sometimes there's arguments, disappointments, sadness, etc.  So upon "closer inspection" we see marriage is a progressive, life-long, kinda work.  We can plan all we want BUT the reality is, marriage takes many shapes and colors.  Love goes up and down, many people say when they get divorced "I don't love you anymore", but if you base your marriage on love, love is a roller coaster!  I love my marriage.  I love my husband very much, but we both have feelings of not wanting to the love the other because of an argument, or a disagreement, but what keeps us together is our commitment be together "til death due us part" we both know we mess up and we will continue to, but if we can forgive, humbly rebuke each other, communicate, desire good for one another, spend quality time together, up in each others business, and love God together and individually, we can grow in dealing with problems/trials.  I love my hubby, he truly is a blessing, and I know we'll hit bumps in the road (because we have) but I want THIS still and by God's grace I will continue to, if we walk near Christ.

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