Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Building Blocks

This year my hubby and I want to be mindful of our mindset behind raising and disciplining our kids. I was recently reading "Age of Opportunity" and it was so insightful, and really a kick in the butt of what our goals as parents should be. Sometimes our focus can be so much on the external behavior (wanting our children to just obey), but the reality is that they are not just going to obey, but we as parents need to help them learn how to repent and ask for forgiveness (get to the heart issues). As I see my children disobeying, I need to see it as a gospel opportunity and know this is a prime way, and time to show them and teach them how to get out of their sinful behavior. What a relief...I know this stuff but it's so easy to forget! Now, I am able to tell Rock, my son, that he will make mistakes and sin but we need to learn from them.

I'm currently helping one of my family members with a sin issue, and I'm reminded again at how important parenting in a, gospel-graceful-way is extremely important. I get scared at times with Rock, and Key, and knowing there will be rebellious times, and blatantly sinful actions, but what can I expect, they're two people that are sinners, just like me. I do a whole lot of hurt to God and others because of my sinful actions and attitudes. All I know, and pray for now, is GRACE to get us through those tough situations.

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  1. Dear Frances, happy new year! Wishing you and yours many beautiful moments in 2010! Have a lovely mery happy day and love to yoU!



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