Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve and Birthday Time!

Christmas Eve morning started with a great birthday breakfast from my hubby...yes, PJ cooked! I was SO proud of him. I requested wheat pancakes from Denny's (not bad, but I heard IHOP's are better). He fancied up some soy chorizo, with eggs, and hash brown. Super yummy!

The cook hard at work.
After breakfast he read to me another of his adorable haiku's. He's been writing these to me every since we started to date.
1. Happy Birthday love
We hope you enjoy today
Trust grace streams to flow

2. We're really married
I would marry you again
Without you I stink

and a beautiful poem! I love my hubby!!!

Hope everyone had a grand Christmas time!
Late in the evening we headed to our family party. We had a great time, but later that night we had a hard time.
Playing "Catch Phrase"
The losers singing in front of everyone.
My hubby setting up the text we read in Isaiah 7, and 9.
We ended a late-late night after the ER. Key wouldn't stop throwing up, so I called the nurse's advice line, and they advised to bring her in. Thankfully it was a stomach virus going around so the ER was seeing lots of kids. They gave her a shot so she would stop, and it allowed her to sleep the rest of the night. We got home at about 3am. We needed a nice treat, since we had a hard night--Sprinkles always does the trick;)

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  1. Happy belated birthday and a merry christmas. Your family is sooo gorgeous! I hope christmas was bright and merry for you and yours! Love to you!



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