Friday, October 29, 2010

Homemade Salsa Tonight

 Tonight we are having a group of friends over and we will EAT!
 I made homemade salsa for this special occasion.  My beloved mother's recipe.
Used my mini processor that I scored from a thrift store in Arizona (thanks Heather for snatching this!)
Yay!  Excited to host tonight since we will eat like pigs :)

Beloved Mother's Salsa:
6 jalapenos (the more the hotter)
6 tomatillos (before boiling take off outter wrapper)
garlic salt
reserve water you boiled stuff in
Cilantro (if desired)

Boil jalapenos and tomatillos.  Once jalapenos change color turn off. Cut stems off jalapenos.  Put them in blender or processor.  (Might be too much to put in processor, I had to do it in two batches).  When transferring tomatillos use a spoon and fork because skin will come off and it will open up and disintegrate!  Add garlic to start, (you will continue adding more as you taste to your liking).  Add Cilantro if desired.  Blend and add the reserved water to dilute.  Add water and garlic salt to your liking. Then enjoy with some chips or Mexican food!

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