Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Who's Masterpiece?

John Wooden, was one of the most finest coaches to tread on a basketball court. His philosophy was the backbone of his UCLA team, which earned him 10 NCAA championships. I was reminded of his character by my beloved husband as we sat and conversed over breakfast. My husband shared one point from Wooden's father's "creed list"--

Make each day your masterpiece.

My husband shared his lovely thoughts and mine lingered, but I didn't say much. Throughout the rest of the day that quote stuck with me. As I write here today, I could only think of God's ultimate masterpiece--his Son. Christ the God-man. There is much to look at in order to see God's wonderful masterpiece. Humans, for instant, are amazing creatures. John Piper reminded me of how awesome humans are. I remember being in my biology classes, as an undergrad, learning about the human body, and all of the different processes it undergoes, and I would be astonished at the creation of God. I haven't thought much about such things, and I was reminded by God through Wooden's father.

As I strive to make each day a masterpiece, I was struck by the fact, that I have to see more of Christ to do that. I will strive to make Christ my masterpiece, although I will fail, but he is the goal of all my days, by his grace. So as you, and I carry on throughout the day, striving to make it purposeful, lets strive to see more of who Christ is and what we are not, in order to make it infinitely purposeful.

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